Friday, September 25, 2009

Masalas from Parichay!

Almost 5-6 years back, I found AID Delhi website and uploaded my parent's name as volunteers. Both of them being doctors wanted to get involved,help and contribute to the society.

My mom and dad were invited by Vijay bhiaya for doing a medical examination of the kids and that's how I came to know about Parichay and Vijay Bhaiya. I still remember how happy mom was when she came back. She had bought a pen stand(which she still cherishes) and some masalas.It was a huge step for her as she had always believed in home made masalas!!!!

She used them and became a big fan of the masalas. The flavor and aroma was awesome and they tasted just great and so pure.... and there in began an association which has grown over the years.

I also use them and such stuff is just not available in the market. I never bought any amchur powder, dhaniya powder or jeera from the regular shops. Its always been Parichay and I know it would remain the same....
I vouch specially for Parichay's raita masala, would have never tasted something so good!

Monday, September 21, 2009

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Festivities at Parichay (Sept. 2009)

Festivities at Parichay (Sept. 2009)

At Parichay religious issues are not discussed. But to move beyond close-minded boundaries Parichay celebrates all religious festival at the centre. On Friday,18th September Roza iftar party and beginning of navratri festival was organized.

The last Friday of auspicious month of Ramzan is celebrated as Alvida, which is the most important day of fasting for muslims.
'Navratri' is one of the most celebrated festivals of Hindu calendar. 'Nav' means 'nine' and 'ratri' means 'night'. The first three days of Navratri are dedicated to Goddess Durga (Warrior Goddess) These days represent the three different classes of womanhood that include the child, the young girl and the mature woman. This idea moves on Navratri to be a social festival at Parichay rather than merely a religious one.

Beautiful traditional wall sculpture of goddess Durga with cowdung, mud, cloth and paper was made by community’s elderly ladies and senior kids of Parichay. Senior members of Swayamsiddha Mahila Samooh and elder kids cooked delicacies like potato, Brinjal, Onion Pakoras, whole gram chat, fruit chat, moong dal halwa etc. for Roza Iftar Party. Senior kids from Gyonodaya, members of Parichay youth & women group and NFE III kjds enthusiastically participated in the event.

Navratri celebration will be on at Parichay for next nine days. Kids are planning to stage Ramlila at the centre in dance drama form.

My association with Parichay

Parichay is non-profit rather better to call as Vijay Bhaiya dream to social service organization, working towards a self-reliant independent society come true. Located near shahdara area in Delhi. It’s continuously working for the improvement of child education, Literacy, resolving rural issues and development, quality education, supporting underprivileged families and their livelihoods, fighting against child marriages.

To support this in addition to the undeterred dream of Vijay Bhaiya are networked and dedicated volunteers many of them not only spend their time, resources and energy but also share their skills teaching them to these students who are so much loving and fast grasping. Cultural exchange programs, awareness on HIV/AIDS and no of education trips are also a part of this program aimed at the organization’s mission and vision.

The funding mainly comes from the in-house product sales as designed, manufactured and created by these little creative artists. Along with this a noble initiative taken by a few of society to sponsor the education of these children helps them to join regular schools too. Charity is not the concept of working at Parichay making these people high at self-esteem.

Many of these students and their families have acknowledged the love for them showered by these noble people.

I Wish them Good Luck and best blessings for all the cherished dreams and aspirations of these little stars and the team behind.

Navneet Somani

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Requesting you to Support us for Deepawali Stalls 2009

Parichay Catalogue

Hi Friends,

I have been a regular volunteer with an organisation called Parichay for about 5 years now. Parichay aims to mainstream underprivileged kids into regular education, as also to impart them vocational training. You could make a wonderful difference to their lives by allowing them to showcase their products to the world around you. Here’s an opportunity for you to do your bit, to make a difference to the world around you, (without having to step out from your workplace). J
With Deepawali round the corner, I’ld request you to reach your organisation (HR/CSR department) and have a word with them to allow us to put up a Deepawali stall. The kids at Parichay have prepared some wonderful items – such as diyas, floating candles, gel candles, pooja thaalis, torans, and several other items.
Most of us aren’t able to volunteer because of the paucity of time and several other commitments that hold us back from such activities. Here’s a simple gesture to reach out to masses and convey that you care for the communities around you.
The draft given below catches a glimpse of activities at Parichay. You could have a word about Parichay to the HR/CSR department of your organisation, and forward the following draft. You could also reach me to discuss about Parichay’s initiatives at

We would like to be introduced as:
Parichay Abhigyan Society, a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) working with a deprived community.
Parichay started its Bal Vikas Kendra (Child Development Center) in April 2000. Mr. Vijay Bajpai started working for a closed community in Tukmirpur area near Bhajanpura in East Delhi, where most kids never attended a school, and the ones who were able to attend the local state-run schools, were by and large de-motivated given the deploratory condition of such schools.
Started with 9 children, we are now a family of 60 children and their family members; teachers and volunteers, who have helped us in numerous ways. Parichay’s vision is to effect the personal and the social development of children, youth, and adults of the community. 
With the progression of our relationship with the community, which comprises of either Hindus or Muslims, including rickshaw pullers, carpenters, cobblers, hawkers, drum players, embroiders, and laborers working in small industrial units, we strive to:
  • Promote listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and physical fitness.
  • Promote means of self-expression and to contribute to mental and physical health.
  • Cultivate traits such as discipline, courage, devotion, respect and confidence.
  • Promote the sense of worthy use of leisure time.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility, patriotism, and helping others.
  • Develop the sense of brotherhood and friendship.
  • Develop proper understanding of hygienic habits and proper food nutrition.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills of safety and first aid.
  • Develop creative thinking.
  • Help the children to realize the importance of good and bad.
  • Develop an attitude of co-operation, sportsmanship, fair play, and team spirit.
  • Develop leadership and self-reliance.  
We have kicked off several projects like Non Formal Education, Masala Unit, Vocational Training, Handicraft Unit, to name a few. Some of these involve training and creation of many beautiful handmade items by children and women of the community keeping the quality of the products intact. The list is an endless one but few of them are:
Handmade paper bags, Potlies, Handmade paper folders, Cloth folders, Pouches, Posters, Photo Albums, Pen Holders, Diaries, Greeting cards, Shagun envelops, Magazine Holders, Lamp shades, and Printed books etc.
Deepwali specific items include diyas, candles - gel, floating, regular candles, gift packs, torans, chocolates, pooja thalis, and many more.
Thus, we would like to seek your permission to put a stall in your organization of these items. 
Thanks and warm regards,

Know about Parichay:  

Project Gyan Ganga Awareness Drive (Sept. 2009)

gyan ganga awareness sessions

Awareness programs at school level under awareness phase of Gyan Ganga project on mental retardation have been initiated and are moving in full swing in the local schools of the area. Senior kids of non formal education program, community teachers and other volunteers accompany Vijay Bhaiya to the programs.

They engaged school students in several group activities to inform them about various types of disabilities, and how such kids need to be dealt with. Aids like flip charts, posters etc were used for presentation of concepts. Various group activities are being done with the students to make the program more interactive and enjoyable.  Besides students the principal of the school, teachers and other staff members are taking active part in various activities including group discussions.

came up with stories about some mentally challenged kids residing in their neighborhood. They were advised to bring details of such kids and to motivate the parents of such kids to contact Gyan Ganga project’s office for further consultation, advice and guidance. Parents of mentally challenged kids have already started turning up for guidance and counseling. Kids are taking active part in slogan and essay writing competition. They hanged and pasted their posters on the notice boards and walls of the school building.  Short Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) sessions are held for kids to ascertain their awareness level on issues related to mentally challenged kids. Prizes will be distributed to those who demonstrate exceptional knowledge. Parichay also plans to involve such kids in the awareness program.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teacher's Day Celebrations at Parichay (5th Sept 2009)