Sunday, September 20, 2009

My association with Parichay

Parichay is non-profit rather better to call as Vijay Bhaiya dream to social service organization, working towards a self-reliant independent society come true. Located near shahdara area in Delhi. It’s continuously working for the improvement of child education, Literacy, resolving rural issues and development, quality education, supporting underprivileged families and their livelihoods, fighting against child marriages.

To support this in addition to the undeterred dream of Vijay Bhaiya are networked and dedicated volunteers many of them not only spend their time, resources and energy but also share their skills teaching them to these students who are so much loving and fast grasping. Cultural exchange programs, awareness on HIV/AIDS and no of education trips are also a part of this program aimed at the organization’s mission and vision.

The funding mainly comes from the in-house product sales as designed, manufactured and created by these little creative artists. Along with this a noble initiative taken by a few of society to sponsor the education of these children helps them to join regular schools too. Charity is not the concept of working at Parichay making these people high at self-esteem.

Many of these students and their families have acknowledged the love for them showered by these noble people.

I Wish them Good Luck and best blessings for all the cherished dreams and aspirations of these little stars and the team behind.

Navneet Somani