Friday, September 25, 2009

Masalas from Parichay!

Almost 5-6 years back, I found AID Delhi website and uploaded my parent's name as volunteers. Both of them being doctors wanted to get involved,help and contribute to the society.

My mom and dad were invited by Vijay bhiaya for doing a medical examination of the kids and that's how I came to know about Parichay and Vijay Bhaiya. I still remember how happy mom was when she came back. She had bought a pen stand(which she still cherishes) and some masalas.It was a huge step for her as she had always believed in home made masalas!!!!

She used them and became a big fan of the masalas. The flavor and aroma was awesome and they tasted just great and so pure.... and there in began an association which has grown over the years.

I also use them and such stuff is just not available in the market. I never bought any amchur powder, dhaniya powder or jeera from the regular shops. Its always been Parichay and I know it would remain the same....
I vouch specially for Parichay's raita masala, would have never tasted something so good!