Saturday, August 15, 2009

Parichay independence day 2009

Independence Day was celebrated at Parichay with great enthusiasm. The whole program was planned by senior kids and women of Swayamsiddha Mahila samooh. Delicious lunch comprising Chana masala, Aloo dum, masaal Kachori, veg biryani, boondi raita and shahi toast was cooked by senior kids and community women for more than 140 kids and community people. Kids from Gyanodaya were also present to celebrate the day. Flag hoisting was followed by cultural program presented by kids. Kites were distributed among the kids at the end of the day.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July updates

Gyan Ganga project for mentally challenged One of the chief objectives of this project is to create the necessary awareness on issues related to mentally challenged kids. We intend to create the necessary awareness among teachers, students and school authorities, so that they can identify such kids and refer them to Parichay. The initialization of the project has been already delayed by three months. The project was scheduled to start in the month of April 2009, as the schools in India can indulge in extra-curricular activities only in the month of April, when the new session starts. While AID has approved funds for this project and the first instalment of the same was transferred in the month of December 2008, the project could not be kicked off due to some technical (bank-related) problems. We received the first instalment in the month of May 2009. At that time, all the schools were having summer vacations and hence the awareness program got delayed further. As a result, we could start with the initialaization process of the project in the month of July. Meanwhile during summer vacations, we finalized the list of schools to be targeted and have started contacting the targeted schools. The awareness program at school level will now start after 15th August. A group of 10 adolescent boys and girls is ready to support the activities at school level. We are ready with presentations, handouts and flip charts. A team of community workers has been finalized and the team members will soon attend an orientation-cum-training program in the last week of August. The total budget of the project is 2.63 lakhs, we have received a support of Rs.1.52 lakhs from AID Pittsburgh. We still we need to arrange the rest of the funds (i.e. Rs.1,11,000). Another organization, New Life Centre, working in the area of physical and mental disability has happily agreed to render technical support needed in our project. For assessment and referral cases of the kids with mental retardation, we are trying to establish a tie up with various other organizations. Rakhi stalls During the month of July 2009 kids were busy in designing and making rakhies for Rakshabandhan stalls. Total sale of Rs.39,590/- was recorded from stalls at Mentor graphics, XL Gurgaon, STM, and CSC (Noida). Parichay volunteer Himanshu and senior kids (Rani, Jaseem, Bulbul, Roshnara and Radha) played an active role in putting up and maintaining the stalls. Rakhies amounting to Rs.5,000 were supplied to other buyers and organizations. Community ladies and other senior kids shouldered the responsibility of smooth functioning of routine activities (Non Formal Classes, Masala unit, Embroidery unit, Nutrition program etc) at Parichay, while Vijay Bhaiya was away from the project. Requirements at Parichay As always, there is a paucity of volunteers at Parichay. With the kick off of new project and responsibilities, the need for volunteers is felt more strongly than ever before. Volunteers are also required to teach English and Maths to the sponsored students who are enrolled in regular school. Both computers at Parichay need repairs.