Friday, August 15, 2008

Road less travelled

Parichay is an awe inspiring initiative by our dear Vijay Bhaiya and words are not enough to give a measure of his efforts. Every thought of Parichay gives me goose bumps although I am thousands of miles away. In today's world it's hard to find an initiative which has been nurtured with so much love and care. We always say children are the future, but do we actually do something for them apart from the occasional donations to some big NGOs, who spend huge sums of money on maintaining it's status.

So who are these people behind Parichay ? Well, these people are ordinary humans with extraordinary motivation and the will to make this world a better place. It's a family of talented children, motivated individuals and many well wishers. In the last eight years Parichay has tasted so many successes that it has inspired many many people to be the winds of change directly or indirectly. Like many good things Parichay has also faced it's share of problems, but Vijay Bhaiya and the children of Parichay have stood tall, and faced them with smiles. Over the years Parichay has seen many "real heroes" like Krishna, Somendra, Puneeta, Selva, Sambit, Deepti and many others to come forward and support it's cause with a great deal of passion and conviction.

I salute the beautiful world of Parichay, and pray that the real values of life continue to be preserved through initiatives like this. Last but not the least, I would like to request all the readers who haven't been to Parichay to visit it atleast once, and talk to Vijay bhaiya and the children; your life will surely change for good.