Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Climbing Rainbow with a Boat of Smiles

If I have to describe my experience on Parichay-Trip then it's more like "feeling sunshine on my nose in cold bitter dilli ki sardi" …: P because for me this is the most comforting thing I can think of :)
Parichay kids always impressed me with their open heart warm attitude, they welcome everyone with same respect and captivating smiles.. but on this trip I was little more lucky that I saw their "Live Life with Life" attitude.
I used to wonder how they retain their cheerful disposition with so many things happeing in their life and on this trip I got my answers...
When we started our trip it was drizzling outside and when we reach Parichay Center we saw another shower of giggles … I don't think I can confine their excitement for this trip in words :)
Ganga Ghaat become more alive with kids playing with water, pebbles and when sparkling rays of their smile encounter with shimmering water of gaga it was a sight of a wonderland where everything is shining and I was mesmerized :) Every kid in Parichay has different color and for a painter like me it is almost like feeling a painting ..feeling colors .. and I truly believe no painting can be as beautiful as this one ..:)
For me Parichay -Trip is just started :) looking forward to see more colors ,feel more smiles and more love although they have given me so much :) but being human I couldn't resist myself asking for more.